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About The Meetup

The Ultimate CMS Interface

The MODX Meetup in Malta will be visited by a wide range of professions: designers, experienced MODX developers, junior developers, marketeers and MODX users. Therefore the theme of the day should appeal to all professions above.

A hot topic during the development of a Content Management System is the design of the management interface. Developers create it from their own perspective, which will result in an interface which fully suits their needs, but other user-types might be overseen.

This is the ultimate opportunity to bring all these professions together and create The Ultimate CMS Interface. We'll start by sharing the features and requirements and draw wireframes to create a complete new manager design, which fits everybody's needs.

A prize will be awarded for the best prototype, which will be picked by the organisers.


Meet up with other MODX Community members.

speaker image

Henk Everts

Sterc (Netherlands)
speaker image

gauke pieter sietzema

Sterc (Netherlands)
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Steven James McLean

Zheta International (Malta)
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Conrad Gellel

Zheta International (Malta)


Check out the event schedule.

Time Session Venue
20:30 Informal hangout at a bar/restaurant in Malta's nightlife hub. St. Julian's
Time Session Venue
09:00 Registration & set up. Hotel Valentina
09:30 Welcome & MODX introduction. Hotel Valentina
11:00 Share features and requirements. Hotel Valentina
12:00 Lunch Break. Hotel Valentina
13:00 Draw wireframes. Hotel Valentina
14:00-18:00 Non-developers: create a design.

Developers: Convert wireframes to working Bootstrap tєmplates and apply as much design to these tєmplates as possible.

Developers and non-developers will continuously discuss each other's findings, which should result in the best possible interface.
Hotel Valentina
18:00-19:00 Dinner Hotel Valentina
19:00-20:00 Presentations Hotel Valentina
20:00 Awards & Closing Speeches Hotel Valentina
20:15 Drinks Hotel Valentina
Time Session Venue
15:00 Meet up at Apple's Eye Beach for a swim Mellieha
18:30 Light up the BBQ on the beach (designated area) & grill some meat. Mellieha
Time Session Spekers Venue
08:30am-04:30pm Credibly develop wireless opportunities Smith Johnson Room-01
08:30am-04:30pm Eficiently myocrdinate ineensive granular William John Room-02
08:30am-04:30pm Appropriately leverage other's extensible Raisen Aero Room-03
08:30am-04:30pm Seamlessly coordinate economically sound. Robot Smith Room-04
08:30am-04:30pm Through future-proof web-readiness. Smith Johnson Room-05
08:30am-04:30pm Eficiently myocrdinate ineensive granular William John Room-06
08:30am-04:30pm Gredibly develop wireless opportunities Raisen Aero Room-07

Useful Info

We look forward to meeting up with you, so here's some additional tips to help you plan your trip!

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Event Rules & Details

Main Rules: Code, Learn & Have Fun! But ... here are some more nitty gritty stuff to keep the event civilised and in order!

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